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Women's Tournaments

The number of women playing polo in North America has been on the rise in recent years. This rings true in the Springfield Polo Club as well with a lot of new women taking up the sport.

Women's tournaments are a highlight of the SPC Polo season, sometimes with just local members, and for a number of years in the past with incoming players who were provided horses by SPC members. Always a competitive and fun time, women's tournaments receive tremendous support and are a great opportunity for women to get together and celebrate their love of horses and polo!

The SPC women's 4 goal invitational tournament for the 2023 season is scheduled for July 15th and 16th. If you would like more information or to register, please contact Tia at or 204-510-1005.

SPC Foreign Polo Trips

SPC members have given much support to the Winston Churchill quote, “a polo handicap is a person’s ticket to the world.”

Our club members have played polo all across Canada and around the world! Past and current members have played in the United States, England, South Africa, Ecuador, Uruguay, Barbados and more! But our favorite polo adventures are the road trips that we do every year to our fellow Canadian clubs where we stay and meet with old friends, catch up and play some fun chukkers in the great north summers. 

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